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At PMEntire, we provide a wide array of marketing solutions and services for Saviom. These are broken up into three main areas- website design, content creation and channel marketing. For each section, the following is covered:

Website Design
PMEntire is in charge of the website and image design for Saviom Software. With our in-house design and development team, we have capabilities to support technical requirements in both .net and html (with the current Saviom site in html5). We also follow strict SEO compatibility guidelines and are capable of developing responsive design sets to make it smartphone and tablet friendly.

We also provide separate online designs for blogs and social media promotion as well.

Content Creation
PMEntire is also in charge of generating different content for Saviom’s marketing purposes. This includes blog posts, videos, whitepapers, infographics, slideshows and a recently launched eBook in the resource management space. These are regularly posted and promoted on the company website and through other Saviom marketing channels.

Channel Marketing
With a large amount of content coming out on such a regular basis, PMEntire uses a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing methods to get the word out. This includes inbound channels such as Google PPC campaigns and SEO activities while outbound activities such as social media, blog posting and email marketing.

When it comes to social media marketing, we focus greatly within the LinkedIn space. We conduct a variety of activities including sponsored updates and content, InMail marketing, group-posting and pulse article posting through individual accounts.

In email marketing we are well equipped with MailChimp.

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Redefine business processes with comprehensive digital marketing and agile web development solutions. Embrace agility with solutions tailored to your business. Customized to the finest details, Saviom's solutions enjoy a stellar track record of unlocking true measures of efficiency and effectiveness.

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At PMEntire we provide end to end solutions to boost Saviom’s sales. We have a dedicated sales team that completes initial cold calling and collection of new leads all the way throughout the entire sales process to closing a major deal. If you are interested in joining our growing sales force, register here!.

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We provide complete technical support and guidance for Saviom’s large clientele. This includes providing interactive training sessions for Saviom’s flagship products, creating tutorial videos and manuals and providing immediate real-time technical support. Supporting over 40 countries around the world, we are well equipped in dealing with a variety of different scenarios for different industries and people from different countries.