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Enhance Billable Resource Utilization: Make Every Job Profitable

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Beat Market Volatility & Protect Profitability:Audit, Accounting & Law Firms


Increase Billable Utilization by 10-20%

  • arrowForecast billable utilization of your resources
  • arrowIdentify resources with low billable utilization
  • arrowBring forward billable work and replace non-billable work with billable work

Beat Market Volatility with Capacity Planning

  • arrowForecast capacity vs. Demand of resources
  • arrowIdentify shortfall or excesses of resources ahead of time
  • arrowBridge the gap with a mix of permanent and contingent workforce

Boost Profit Margins

  • arrowReduce resource costs with efficient resource planning
  • arrowBe proactive and avoid last-minute hiring
  • arrowAllocate the right resource at the right time at the right cost

Build Enterprise-Wide Visibility

  • arrowReplace boutique resource planning applications with a single resource plan
  • arrowProvide the right level of data visibility as per the role
  • arrowIntegrate and collaborate with other legacy systems
Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project ManagementEnd-to-End Project Life Cycle Management

  • arrowManage the entire project life cycle from a single place
  • arrowBuild project schedule with work breakdown structure
  • arrowOptimize the workforce across the business
  • arrowGet real-time status about task progress

Resource Planning and ForecastingForecast, Plan, and Improve Billable Utilization

  • arrowBuild a single enterprise-wide resource plan
  • arrowEnable visibility of resource plan across the matrix structure
  • arrowIdentify and assign the right resource to the right project
  • arrowForecast and enhance billable resource utilization
Resource Planning and Forecasting
Project Accounting

Project AccountingManage Finances and Protect Project Profitability

  • arrowTrack time spent with a flexible and efficient timesheet
  • arrowTrack project expense accurately without any delay
  • arrowGet real-time intelligence on project financials
  • arrowInvoice accurately without any delay

Team CollaborationBring Remote Teams on the Same Page & Improve Productivity

  • arrowUnify communication across various teams
  • arrowBring remote teams on the same page
  • arrowInvolve everyone for the whole project life cycle
  • arrowGet feedback and ideas, and improve productivity
Team Collaboration
Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Analytics, Reports & DashboardsMultidimensional Data analysis with Slice and Dice

  • arrowConfigure analytics, reports, and dashboards as per your specific business needs
  • arrowDo multidimensional analysis to cater to the needs of different stakeholders
  • arrowBe proactive and make data-driven decisions

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