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Transform the WayYou Manage Your Projects And Resources In IT Services


Reduce Delivery Time & Cost

  • arrowForward plan projects and identify risks, resource requirements ahead of time
  • arrowTrack whole project life cycle in real time and be proactive
  • arrowGet forward warning and take corrective actions

Replace Silos with a Single Solution

  • arrowBring all applications to a single platform
  • arrowEstablish a single source of truth
  • arrowCollaborate and integrate with other systems

Optimize Project Workforce

  • arrowAllocate the right resources to the right projects at the right time
  • arrowForecast shortfall and excesses of resource
  • arrowRetrain or hire people ahead of time

Improve Employee Productivity

  • arrowEmpower employees with efficient resource management
  • arrowCollaborate and improve team communication
  • arrowUnify and bring various stake holders to the same page
Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio ManagementComplete More Projects with Less Resources

  • arrowBuild project portfolio of related projects
  • arrowIdentify and prioritize projects based on ROI
  • arrowAllocate resources effectively and intelligently
  • arrowIdentify and mitigate projects risks proactively
  • arrowTake corrective actions ahead of time

Resource ManagementOptimise and Reduce Overall Resource Cost

  • arrowPlan and schedule resources from a single place
  • arrowAllocate the right resource to the right project at the right cost
  • arrowForecast and improve effective resource utilization
  • arrowMinimise shortfall/excesses of resources with capacity planning
Resource Management
Financial Management

Financial ManagementInvoice Efficiently and Make Every Project Profitable

  • arrowTrack financials at every stage of project life cycle
  • arrowRecord time and expenses accurately and immediately
  • arrowInvoice flexibly and promptly to minimize cashflow shortage
  • arrowMonitor profitability regularly and take corrective actions

Team CollaborationImprove Communication and Bring Everyone on Same Page

  • arrowCollaborate and track work seamlessly
  • arrowUnify communication across remote teams
  • arrowEmpower team members and improve productivity
  • arrowResolve issues without any delay
Team Collaboration
Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceMake Fast & Accurate Decisions Based on Real-Time Data

  • arrowHave real-time data analytics, reports, dashboards
  • arrowConfigure business intelligence as per your business
  • arrowSlice and dice to cover different business angles
  • arrowMake data driven business decisions and be proactive

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